12 season color analysis swatches


Creating a 12 Season Color Analysis is admitting that 4 Seasons don't give a result for everyone. Very true, it doesn't! The Seasons are very precise and each is made up of 3 different and specific color characteristics.

If you don't fit into those specifics then you're not a True Season. Both Seasonal and Tonal Color Analysis use the same color characteristics and perfectly complement each other. So there is no need to accept second best if you don't feel a 'fit' with colors - you just haven't quite found your place. It is your individual natural coloring which will determine the method that best suits. Take another look at the 3 ways to Color Analysis. We have 6 Tonal Color Families and the 4 Seasons which are a mix of color characteristics.

Each has a wide and glorious color palette allowing plenty of choice for mood and occasion to dictate your selection. However, many people have adopted a method whereby each of the 4 Seasons has been broken down into the 3 individual elements making a 12 Season Color Analysis. Very strange and very confusing!

If you have been determined with a 12 Season Color Analysis, not only is it possible that your colors are 'diluted' but if you're not a True Season you're probably not a Season at all. You may well lean more towards one of the Tonal Color Families and could well be missing out on lots of additional colors that you could be wearing and enjoying.

You could just be the Feel free to ask me a question Your email address is only used for this purpose. You may unsubscribe at any time. Color Analysis. See the latest issues. Just Contact me to be added Sitemap About Contact What's New?Pretty Your World specializes in Color Analysis, first and foremost. It is THE place to find the finest tools and information to help you look your absolute best. We talk about everything related to color analysis from the basic four season color system to the most advanced system available today, my ColorBreeze Complete Color System.

Our featured service is an advanced, in-depth virtual color analysis by me, Lora Alexander, a veteran, certified professional color analyst. I take color analysis seriously. Getting a person's season correct is what I'm most concerned with.

Comparing Two "Deep Winters" (Artistic License Color System)

Accuracy is my goal, first and foremost. Color Analysis changed my life and I know it can do the same for you.

12 season color analysis swatches

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Seasonal Color Analysis: A Comprehensive Guide to Help You Find Your Season & Your Best Colors

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Analyze Yourself. Buy Face Flash Cards. Face Shapes. Real Women Case Studies. Women of Color. Not for Women Only. Universal Colors.Have you ever wondered what colors look best on you? Do you look in the mirror and find that certain colors make you look tired?

Are you fed up with your habit of making the wrong purchases? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then this article is for you. In this article you will learn:. This skin-matching method started being used in the fashion and cosmetics industries, helping people discover the colors and tones that look best on them by evaluating their skin, eye and hair tones.

Take a moment and think about the colors of the seasons with the help of the images below. For example, in fall the colors of the leaves that drop from trees inspire the seasonal colors. The leaves start out being vivid green, but when they get older, they take on orange, yellow and brown tones before dropping to the ground. Each season has its own dominant colors. There is probably one set of colors that looks better on you depending on whether you have warmer or cooler skin tones.

See the graph below to better understand the 4-Season Method. Ugh, sounds like a lot to take in, right? No worries. This also includes red violet or a blue-red variety colored hair.

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Cool types look better with platinum and ash-colored hair dyes as well. Referring to the above, have you discovered which season you gravitate towards? Keep reading to understand why.

12 season color analysis swatches

Stylists from Color Me Beautiful took the method too seriously. So, in the s, the method was refined when a new category added another dimension: Chromawhich means the depth of color or contrast between the features. The 4-Season Method was refined with this new element added.

12 Seasons Color Analysis Overview

It now became the Season Method, which made it a bit more complicated but far more inclusive. It now included people with olive and mixed undertones and varying color contrasts. By now, you have probably determined which season you are or are very close to it. If you still feel left out with no idea what colors look best on you, I will guide you through the process. For free!A Dark Cool person would be a Winter.

A Light Cool person would be a Summer. For example, it was found that some people can wear both warm and cool colors and look great.

But I found out later it was because she was a Deep Winter, who could wear the deeper colors of the Autumn palette. Eventually the 4 Season theory was later refined and developed into the more complete and more accurate 12 Season Color Theory. They added the concept of "Chroma" to the system. In this, the traditional 4 seasons- Winter, Summer, Autumn, Spring-will flow into one another. At the points where they overlap, this creates a new season.

For example, the Deep Autumn is really a blend of Autumn and Winter. This person has much of the warmth of the typical Autumn season, but the intensity of a Winter.

Where the seasons overlap, you will find some shared colors. The Clear Spring and Clear Winter will share some colors like Emerald Green and black the only Spring that could handle black, though a black brown would be a better choice. I like this chart because it shows why someone, as an example, who is a Soft Summer might look good in an olive color traditionally an Autumn colorbecause they are a blend of Summer and Autumn.

The same goes for all the seasons. Notice that where seasons blend, you will find the colors to be more neutral than strictly warm or cool. Unless your dominant characteristic is You need to look for the 6 dominant characteristics first: Light, Dark, Warm, Cool, Soft, Clear. Then when you figure out the secondary characteristic, you will find your season. Incidently, the first part of this method of finding one's dominant characteristic is called the "Tonal Method".

In that system, the 6 dominant traits - light, dark, warm, cool, soft, clear - are what people look for when they are doing an analysis. Only these traits. Other systems will usually begin determining your undertones first. The Tonal System is, in my opinion, a very helpful aspect of identifying someone, but I feel it is just a part of the whole picture.

Not the whole picture itself. If you have deep coloring, then the second determining factor is whether you look better in warm colors or cool colors. In fact, you can wear some of the deep colors of Autumn as well. Deep Chocolates or Deep Forest Green will look great on you, for example. So essentially, each of the original 4 seasons were split into 3 more defined and more accurate seasons in the 12 season system.

Later systems utilized another aspect that really wasn't included in the 12 season system. I will talk about it further in the 16 season system.

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Shop my Storefront. Photo Tips for Analysis. Learn Color Theory. Contact Me. Analyze Yourself.In the 12 seasons color analysis system we find seasons like the Bright Spring a Spring with a touch of Winter, making it higher contrast or the Deep Autumn Autumn with a Winter influence.

Cool winter makeup products are cool, with a rosy undertones but high contrast. Avoid bronzer as it can look muddy. You can wear a…. Bright Winter has the coolness of Winter, but influenced by the brightness of Spring. The best makeup for Bright Winter is cool but high….

You will often recognize a Clear Winter because…. Warm Autumn, also known as True Autumn on other personal color methods, is primarily a Warm season.

No compromises here, Warm Autumn hair, eyes…. They are….

12 season color analysis swatches

Light Spring people have a dominant characteristic of light and a secondary characteristic of warm. This means that if you have dark eyes or…. Warm Spring people a medium level….

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Cool Winters can be recognized by their overall cool appearance, lacking in any warm or golden tones, and dark in intensity. Unlike Deep Winter,…. One of the most distinctive characteristic of Clear Spring coloring are the eyes: usually light and warm, turquoise, green or topaz, bright like jewels….

As a season, Summer is characterized by a lack of warmth to the eyes, hair and skin, and a certain ethereal, soft feeling to…. Soft Summer is the Deep Winter that just looks wrong with the saturated colors of their palette. Many Soft Summers are identified as Winters,….

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Soft Autumn is Autumn influenced by Summer, and as such it takes the depth of color and warmth that you would expect from an….This resulted in four harmonized groups of colorseach named after every season of the year. The solution to this problem? Chroma distinguishes strong, saturated colors from weak grayish ones. Leave your hair down unless it is dyed very differently from its natural color. In this case use a cap to hide your hair color.

Wear no makeup. With the help of the seasonal trendy color swatch you can start applying your newly gained knowledge on your next shopping trip. The card represents 30 of your best matching colors. Save money, feel more confident and look your best with your new color guide!

If you have difficulties or doubts while finding your season, let me help you define your season. With my help you will:. Twelve Season Color Analysis. What lead to the creation of the Twelve Season Color Analysis?

Determine your Dominant characteristic The dominant characteristic is the most obvious trait you see in yourself. Dark hair and eyes. Skin may or may not be dark. Light eyes and hair. Usually a natural blonde at some point in their lives. WARM : Yellow based skin color; no blue undertones.

Red hair and green or blue eyes are common. COOL : Blue based skin color; no yellow or golden undertones.

Pink or rosy glow on the cheeks. Eyes are most often blue, but gray is common too. Eyes are often clear and sparkly. There is little contrast between the eyes, skin and hair. Trendy Seasonal Color Swatch If you have difficulties or doubts while finding your season, let me help you define your season. Subscribe To My Blog.Based on that system, you could be either warm or cool, or light or dark. While this works for some people, truth is most people particularly darker ethnicities that ended up always being Winters need more nuance on their coloring than that.

In 12 seasons color analysis you can have muted colors, or rich and clear colors based on the saturation or chroma, or the intensity of the pure pigment. An individual wanting to be color analysed in the 12 seasons color analysis system needs to be evaluated based on three things:. You may be wondering about some of the missing combinations, for example a muted spring or a higher contrast summer.

There are several different 12 season color systems, and they have different methodologies. While in theory you would get the same results on different systems, the palettes are different and you may suit one more than others. At the end of the day, it is unlikely that one system claims a person is a Bright Spring, and in some other system she is analysed as a Soft Summer.

However, there is no hard numbers that would allow you to evaluate a person coloring, so at the end of the day two analysis may disagree. This school of color analysis claims to be closely based in the Munsell 3-dimensional color system.

It was developed in by the late Kathryn Kalisz, and tries to make the process as systematic as possible. It ignores typical preconceptions about eye and hair color and goes only by how the skin reacts to the drapes. It is not something a computer could do! However, if you are a particularly complex case like a blue eyed dark autumn you may feel you have been mistyped.

This system looks first for a dominant characteristic, then a secondary one. This can be very subjective, and particularly difficult for darker skintones they would all be Dark at first glance.

Then look for the second Most Important Thing in terms of coloring. Do you need Warm or Cool colors? Do you suit high contrast or muted best?

12 season color analysis swatches

At this point is often useful to use some clothes to compare colors. For example, a Light primary that suits peach and warm pink colors over blue will most likely be a Light Warm Light Spring.

You can also use lipsticks to discard or confirm your seasonal color analysis intuition.

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