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Blade Width: 9. As the founder of Puakea Designs, John is an internationally sought after canoe builder as well as a championship-winning paddling coach, whose career as a canoeing innovator and promoter has evolved with the expanding paddling sports market.

Learn about these athletes and all of our team riders who share a love of paddling and have made Puakea Designs their choice. Our crew has some amazing humans… Maddie, Kelly, Jimi, Jimmy…just to name a few. You can also learn more about our coaches. Looking to improve your technique?

Or improve your performance in your Puakea OC-1 or Unlimited canoe? Want to learn to train smarter, not harder? Puakea clinics are a combination of dry-land and on-water work that will cover the key bio-mechanics to set you up for successful and injury free paddling, including a detailed analysis and correction of all aspects of your stroke.

All aspects of your stroke. John Puakea — International. Email: questions puakeadesigns. Click Here. About Us. Contact Us. Shop our canoes and store below. Visit our online store. OC1 Canoes. Learn More. Malolo OC6. Buy Now. Polu oc paddle Blade Width: 9.Polar bear canoe 2 person 4mtr Very little use. Comes with removable outriggers and salt water electric motor no battery Very stable on the water. Half of an Outrigger firberglass moulding for stabilizer canoe or Kayka.

Approx 3m long and 50cm wide. I did get it for a seedling tray but I don't have the time anymore. Huge reduction price firm Qld manufactured canoe comes with outriggers and a option with 54 lb water snake electric motor used twice See link below of the 54 lb pushing it along. Two paddles,sealed storage and flotation compartments, two rod holders. Brand new AGM battery and extra 12 volt battery set up in parallel for long trips,includes two l. Fits 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children comfortably.

A very solid and sturdy water craft. Comes with : -outrigger removable for transport -2 oars -1 fishing rod holder -2 unopened life jackets rated to kg -2 suction cup drink holders -sturdy bracket to mount a small outboard -trolley 1 wheel needs replacing. A reluctant sale. So much fun. Price negotiable. Make an offer. Fibre glass ,has outriggers and sail. Professionaly built. Ready to use has bracket for outboard! Versatile 15ft Rosco canoe ideal for day tripping and extended touring on flat to moderate water.

Modern fla.

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I had this canoe custom made from Zulu canoes and paddled it with a club for about a year or so, but due to back injuries I am unable to take it out. Comes with covers, and I will be willing to negotiate a good price for both paddles as well. Rosco Bass Canoe with outrigger.

A Torqeedo one thousand traveller electric motor, only used five hours. Includes 4 paddles, canoe trolly, eagle sounder-portable, 2 padded clip in seats, rod holders and rods.

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Search alert. Price Minimum Price. Maximum Price.Selling my Nielsen Outrigger stabilizing system -- which adjusts to the gunwales of almost any canoesmall boat, skiff or sailboat. Made of strong, high grade aluminum and stainless steel. The amas or pontoons are made of high grade fiberglass. The unit has several easy to adjust bolts so that the pontoons can be slid closer or farther way, or the amas up or down -- depending on the size of your.

This Boat is in really nice condition, no heavy scratches or damage. Used very little since bought new in summer Stainless cables, two rudders.

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One 4" weedless, and a longer surf rudder. Always stored in my house. Huki tandem Z carbon lay up. I've had this outrigger system for a canoekayak or small skiff for about 5 years now. Used it with my sailing canoe but sold the canoe and just not using it these days. This is NOT some cheap, flimsy outrigger system but a very high quality, top of the line system professionally made by a guy who I think no longer makes them.

The amas floats are solid. I bought it in May and used only few times. Old back injury forced me to stop to paddle this beautiful canoe. It is in perfect and brand new condition.

Only cash required.

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Check online to see what they are selling for nowadays. New in box. Spring Creek Outfitter Brand. Model shown in pics from their website is newer model and shape of floats is slightly different.Who are the Foti Bros.

Foti family c. The Foti Brothers were raised steps from Lanikai beach, paddling and surfing for pure pleasure. Frank, John and Jim and sister Kathy began paddling as soon as they could see over the gunnels, and by age six had all learned to steer their family's homemade three-man canoe.

By the time the Fotis were young adults, they were all acknowledged as some of Lanikai Canoe Club's premier paddlers and steersmen. They have been paddling competitively ever since, logging thousands of hours in canoes.

Jim Waimanalo c. Jim Nanakuli - boys 14 c. Although Frank retired relatively early to become a paniolo, Jim and John began a historical winning streak of Senior Men victories that spanned decades.

Inthey finally won the Molokai Hoe World Championship, their first of five victories. Jim, being the smallest of the Foti Brothers, gravitated to the steering seat has amassed more victories in Hawaii than any other steersman in the history of the sport, and is still adding to that list. The Foti Bros. More than simply understanding the current theory behind technique, they have observed and influenced the evolution over decades. It is difficult to beat the understanding that comes with being involved in developing a system.

With international contacts in Asia, Europe, North America, and the South Pacific, Jim and John have a powerful network of resources and information about the newest regional trends in technique, equipment and training. There are plenty of elite paddlers who can provide sound advice, but few who can do it with the confidence, nonchalance and humor that mark the Foti's personality. Past students consistently return not just for more coaching services, but with any form of paddling related question that requires trust in the source: what equipment to invest in, how to organize a channel crossing, even where to go and find outriggers in South Africa or five other such countries.

To continue growing the sport of outrigger canoe paddling worldwide by educating paddlers and potential coaches properly.

oc1 canoe for sale

We are ambassadors of the sport and we encourage each individual in the camp to become an ambassador to those who know less than them. We strive to enrich the lives of paddlers by installing the ideals of why we paddle and what makes outrigger such a special and unique sport. And of course, we aim to teach paddlers something new every day and leave them with smiles on their faces. We key in on each individual's technical needs.Description: Pronounced: KA.

Leh At 19'3", the new Kahele pairs the manageability of less size with a progressive approach to canoe design. The Kahele is designed for improved efficiency by eliminating length in the nose and tail of the canoe. The Kahele features an optimized waterline of about 19 feet. Kahele, meaning "to move", is easy to manage both on and off the water. Although appealing to lighter paddlers looking for less to move around, Kahele also stands out for paddlers of all sizes due to its revolutionary design.

It's compact, maneuverable size enables it to catch swell and jump over the bump in front with less effort. It also fits neatly in the trough between bumps so you don't get stuck and lose momentum.

In fact, in flat water, this extra surface area is out of the water and has no value at all. And in the wind, it means more canoe gets pushed around with the additional surface area. This thought kicked off a chain reaction. Looking at the values and progress brought about by the Kahe Kai it was time to weigh out where to go next. Trimming the length, and adding volume in specific areas Johnny arrived at the revolutionary design, Kahele.

Although perfect for flatwater, the Kahele executes in downwind and rough water in a way that is changing how we understand downwind paddling performance. It minimizes the front-to-back shifting on bumps. By omitting surface area and length we have essentially reduced the effect of friction and unwanted movement caused by waves, chop and moving water.

He put together all of his extensive knowledge to design a great all around canoe that not only catches bumps with the best out there but is also a great canoe for lakes and rivers with awesome comfort and speed. This shorter canoe will be easier to handle in and out of the water and the Kahele surfs inland, shorter frequency waves well.

Even though the Kahele has a shorter overall length then other canoes, because of the straighter rocker profile it has as much wetted surface as longer canoes with a similar hull speed. Here is what Ozone has to say about the Kahele Lighter. Shorter length at 19'. The Kahele features a plumb bow to cut sharply through the water. Featuring the popular carbon fiber footwell cover to keep the wind, sun, and water out.

This cover not only protects your feet from the elements, but at 8 lbs a gallon, prevents the buildup of 20 lbs of water that would otherwise pool in the footwell before draining out. The Kahele fits in most garages. It can also be shipped in a 20 ft container, making it cheaper and much easier to take with you on your next faraway adventure.

Order now to get in line.

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First come first served. Product Code: OKH. Contact us to order please. Related Items. Ozone surf, weed and 4" flatwater rudders.We believe that the beauty of V1 paddling comes from the connection between the stroke, the canoe, and the ocean. To maintain control without a rudder your stroke is being continuously formed by the ocean. Rudderless design is a balance between these three competing features. While there is no perfect V1 for every condition and paddler, we think the Ka'iwa is the most well rounded canoe on the water.

Designed and released inthe Aukahi was our first V1. Because the Aukahi has very little rocker in the front, its long waterline makes it efficient in the flat water and its large midsection gives it the volume needed for rougher conditions. However, the volume and length also make it a bit unwieldy for many paddlers. While the long waterline through the nose helps gain speed and efficiency, it also gives the Aukahi a narrow window of control.

The steering is stable for a degree window, but once the bow of the canoe leaves that small window, the bow will often control the boat forcing you to either spin out or expend a lot of energy trying to hold it straight. Our goal with the Ka'iwa was to widen that window of control and to make a V1 that would be fast in all wind angles and ocean conditions. Using our Pueo as a rough starting point, we modeled a hull that we knew was both efficient and could surf well.

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Then we started stretching it out to gain efficiency and control until our software based drag estimates stopped improving an appreciable amount. This left us with a length 6" shorter than the Aukahi and many other V1s. Getting the same flat water speed out of a shorter length comes with the added benefit of making the canoe more maneuverable, having less windage, and being able to fit better into an open ocean trough.

We were also able to move both the center of buoyancy and weight of the paddler forward, which enables the canoe to drop in easier without sacrificing speed. But don't take our word for it! Get in touch with us to schedule a demo. V1s are traditionally defined by an open cockpit and no rudder. Because you have to steer with your paddle, the V1 has a much steeper learning curve than the OC1.

If the wind is blowing hard from the side, you may have to take consecutive strokes on one side to compensate. And then when you drop in on the wave, you need to put all of your focus into keeping the canoe straight. But, the challenge and purity of steering with your paddle is also what make it so rewarding. The direction and speed of the wind determines whether a V1 a suitable.

Because the hull is more efficient, an experienced V1 paddler can be faster in flat water and upwind than they would be on an OC In straight downwind conditions, V1 paddlers are generally only slightly slower than their counterparts on an OC1 just because the canoe can be harder to connect between waves. As the wind comes more from the side, V1 paddling gets progressively more difficult because the canoe will always want to round up into the wind.

Novice V1 paddlers should not go out on windy days or downwind runs until they have spent a lot of time on the canoe. In rough ocean conditions, the cockpit will take in water. While the footpump will keep the canoe dry in most ocean conditions, it is possible to fill up the cockpit after a huli. The canoe will always have positive buoyancy because bulkheads seal off the bow and sternbut it is important to practice recovering from a huli to make sure that you are able to partially drain the canoe by pushing the cockpit upwards as you flip it over by back over.

Even with a footpump, it is important to always bring a bailer with you. See available canoes here! Call us anytimeemail info kamanucomposites. The Ka'iwa We believe that the beauty of V1 paddling comes from the connection between the stroke, the canoe, and the ocean. FAQ What is a V1? Is it hard? What conditions do V1s work best in? Where do people race V1s? Does the open cockpit make it more dangerous? Do you offer V1 lessons?After years of evolution, testing, and iteration, the design team at Kamanu Composites came up with the Pueo.

It's round hull, elongated rocker profile, plumb bow, and reserve buoyancy work together to create inarguably the best all-around canoe in existence.

oc1 canoe for sale

While other canoes may be faster in the flat, or better on a big downwind day, nothing can compete with the Pueo in all conditions. But, we don't expect you to listen to us. Do your own research, check race results, ask your friends, and, most importantly, call us to get on the demo. The Original Pueo was launched in After four successful seasons and three Moloka'i Solo victories, it was rebuilt from the ground up and re-released in early All the best features were kept, and some subtle new features were added.

Changes include a forward shifted cockpit, slightly increased reserve volume, smoother rocker, a streamlined hull, higher footwell rails, front bungees, a more balanced feel, and an entirely re-designed ama. In we introduced a new hull known as the Pueo X and a forward footwell option for both the Pueo and Pueo X. We now offer four versions that suit different sizes and weights. Click here for more information on the design process for the new hull.

The design of the Pueo is unique in that it's incredibly versatile. It's both efficient in flat water and easy to surf. The canoe is suitable for a wide range of paddlers from lbs to lbs and from 5 feet tall to 6'6". It almost seems impossible, but it's a design that works for just about anyone in any conditions. While the Pueo is the most versatile canoe that we build, the options below may be more suitable for a narrower range of body types.

We have extended the cockpit forward 2.

oc1 canoe for sale

It's recommended for anyone over 6'2" and pounds. The Pueo X is an extended waterline version of the Pueo and is designed to improve performance in all conditions. However, due its reduced rocker profile it is much more sensitive to weight and trim, making it the right choice only for certain sizes and weights.

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It is ideal for paddlers under pounds. See the sizing chart below to check if the Pueo X will be good for you. Because the Pueo X is sensitive to trim, and trim can be affected by both height and weight, the forward footwell version of the Pueo X is suitable for a wide range of paddlers-- from 5'7" and pounds, to 6'3" and pounds.

OC1 Canoes

It is identical to the Pueo X, but the footwell is moved forward 2. See the sizing chart below to check if the Pueo X with a forward footwell will be good for you. See available canoes in stock here!

When we finish a canoe for sale we can notify you with an email.

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Subscribe if you are interested! Call us anytimeemail info kamanucomposites.

oc1 canoe for sale

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