Turnkey dune buggy


Carolina Dune Buggies is a full-service dune buggy, sandrail, kit car and VW business. We can provide everything needed to build a complete car. In addition we can perform custom turnkey project builds to your specifications. If you are interested in building your own custom dune buggy, sandrail or kit car and have a good set of tools, work space, mechanical knowledge and a few weekends, we can help. We can supply chassis, suspension components, transmissions, engines, and all the little odds and ends to make your project stand out.

These consist of a tacked floor section, with all other assembly to be done by the customer. This is a true build it yourself kit with a little head start done for you.

This kit is a little more challenging to put together, and you should have an assistant to help with assembly, but it ships flatter for better cost savings. The entire floor of the chassis is tack welded together and the upper roll cage comes assembled. One person alone can easily complete assembly. We also offer fully welded chassis. These require the least amount of assembly, but some welding is still required ie.

Fully welded chassis are the most costly to ship and it is recommended you pick up your fully welded chassis at Carolina Dune Buggies. If you are not mechanically inclined, we can walk you through the step by step process of selecting components for your turn-key build; once selected, we will do the work for you. Our mechanics have been working on dune buggies and Volkswagens since and we use only the finest parts from well-known suppliers.

Please call for details and quotes. An example of the 4-seater style dune buggy body is our Berrien Genesis fiberglass dune buggy body. This style provides room for two adults in the front and a small bench type rear seat adequate for smaller children or your luggage.

An example of the 2-seater style dune buggy body is our Berrien Nostalgia or Lancer fiberglass dune buggy body. This style dune buggy body fits a shorten VW Beetle chassis. The Berrien pre-built tube chassis from Carolina Dune Buggies is exceptionally strong and includes a thick gel-coated fiberglass floor pan which does not need painting and is not susceptible to rust out as is the original VW pan.

It also allows tunnel access from underneath which you do not get with a stock chassis. It features body mounting holes that are pre-drilled, sealed and recessed so that the bolts do not protrude below the chassis. The clutch cable tube, master cylinder mount, pedal mount and seat track mounting brackets are all factory installed, as well as the four front clamps that are welded to the chassis.

In addition, the fiberglass floor is pre-drilled and bolted in place. DIY Chassis: If you have enough time, tools, a workshop large enough, a welder and mechanical experience, you can build your own chassis from a VW Beetle pan. This includes shortening all center tunnel tubes, cables, fuel lines and the shifter rod. There are several different ways to shorten the VW chassis with some being much stronger as well as more difficult than others.

In most states, dune buggies, sandrails and kit cars can be made street legal. Deciding which use you intend for your buggy will guide your decision making process along the way. It is very important to make this decision up front since certain suspension and drivetrain components will work better for some uses than others.

However, these newer style suspension designs are more prone to failure under very heavy off-road use.

turnkey dune buggy

The drawback, however, is these older designed suspensions lack somewhat in ride smoothness and on-road performance; they can be more subject to over-steer and rear wheel hop. Our tube dune buggy and sandrail chassis are designed to use the suspension components from Volkswagen Type 1 Beetles up to excluding Super Beetle—rear torsion housing from a Super Beetle can be used, but the MacPherson strut front suspension is incompatible with our chassis.

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Front torsion-leaf spring suspensions from pre VW Beetles were of a link-and-kingpin trailing arm style. The easiest way to identify a link-and-kingpin front suspension is to look at the upper shock mounting location which is a straight vertical tower and the shock bolt runs horizontal parallel to the ground. Front suspensions from mid until were of a ball-joint trailing arm style. On the ball-joint style the shock towers are angled at the top and the shock upper mounting stud goes through the shock tower vertically.

VW Beetle rear suspensions up to were a swing axle torsion bar style. The axles pivot only at the transmission, causing a substantial camber change as the wheel moves through its travel the tires seem to look pigeon-toed.Make Dune. Model Buggy. Ride the sand dunes or go off-roading in this cool Dune Buggy!!

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Call us for more info! Make Volkswagen. Model Dune Buggy. Well you have come to the right spot! With two seats and a metallic blue exterior this Dune Buggy has a lot to offer, anything from its Roadster style and its Volkswagen heartbeat! The perfect vehicle to have out on sunny days cruising. Equipped with a cc engine backed by a 4 spd transmission. Engine is beefed up with a single 40 carb, cam, new Model Beetle Pre This has been a fun little grocery getter.

It is currently on a Calif. I have had it at my home in Baja. Due to getting older and in need of shoulder surgery I need to let it go. I was told that the motor is an It has twin Weber Carbs. It has a Scat shifter with a reverse lock out. I added a removable cargo rack to carry spare tire and a jack inside the tool box. There are some small stress cracks on the front nose. It looks to be an easy fix for someone, just not me. It comes with a tow bar for flat towing behind a motor home.

This listing is for a rare Manx style dune buggy. I was told by the previous owner that the engine is a cc. The shop later became known as Bugformance. There were only of these bodies produced. They were handlaid fiberglass construction with chopper gun re-inforcements.This engine is a cc with our 42x The engine produced h-p rpm and ft lbs of torque at rpm. We built this engine for a customer in Fresno California, it is going into his Manx dune buggy.

Search site:. Services Engines Support Features Contact. Features: 5.

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Features: Compression Panchito 's 40 x Features: Eagle Racing Camshaft 1. Features: Panchito 's 40 x Features: The first trip for the car will be to her Senior Prom! Features: 84mm stroke x 94mm bore Eagle Racing Camshaft 1. Made Features: 82 VW Journal Crank 5. Features: 69 stroke x 92 bore Panchito s 40x Features: 84 stroke x 94 bore Panchito 's 40x Features: 84 stroke x 94 bore Panchito s 40x Features: 84 Stroke x 94 Bore 44 x Features: 82 x 94 44 x Features: 84 Stroke x For the last 12 years Trent Fabrication has been building, tuning, and perfecting performance off road buggies—buggies that are built for the most extreme conditions.

These buggies are capable of flying trough the desert at speeds over mph, then tackling some of the most difficult rock, cliffs and drops that you have ever seen in the sport.

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We have both 2 seat models as well as 4 seat designs. The chassis can be configured with Jeep or Toyota styling. The Top Shelf chassis, designed purely around performance, is fitted with minimal paneling.

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In addition to offering rollers and full turn key buggies, we also offer customers an option for building just the bare chassis. For the real DIY guy, we offer a starter chassis that gives you that Trent Fabrication look without the additional cost.

If you order a basic or starter chassis, Trent Fabrication will be there for you with full tech support throughout your build.

We can help you with parts selection and offer advice from our years of race experience. We can provide all parts if needed but there are so many parts to choose from that it is impossible to put it all on our site. Engines, transmissions, transfer cases, axles, wheels, and tires can all be purchased from Trent Fabrication.

Please call so we can put together a quote. We have built a lot of these cars and know them inside and out. We also have vast experience building custom vehicles and can walk you through any custom project. Please contact us by phone or email for help with any custom project you have.

Our starter chassis is something new that we are trying out. Essentially what you get is our race proven chassis design all pre-bent and fully welded.

Dune Buggy Cars for sale

The starter chassis is made from 1. The basic chassis is our traditional entry level chassis. It includes the same bending and welding as our starter chassis, only it includes a lot more tube-work and a basic sub-frame. Although the basic chassis has more tube-work done, it will still require more tubes to become a sound race car.

Once you have your tube-work finished, you will need to add all your brackets and tabs.This real Meyers Manx 1 is fully and professionally restored with everything new, rebuilt or restored to perfection. It's painted a true Candy Apple Red. Click on "Plus Sign" in lower right of picture to enlarge any picture. Front 26 x 8.

Weld Prostar Wheels. It is one of the few that is built correctly! Most people think any fiberglass dune buggy is a Manx, they're absolutely wrong! You would have to see over a hundred dune buggies before you see a real Meyers Manx.

Rebuilt cc Engine with many new parts. Rebuilt Trans Axle shifts perfectly. New Kennedy Clutch, Etc. See the YouTube walk around video. T his is the staightest and best pained Manx Dune Buggy you will find.

turnkey dune buggy

Brand new wheels and tires. Seats can adjust for 6' driver. Billet aluminum fuel filler. Tilt steering column, wheel locks when key is removed, 4 way flashers, wiper controls in turn signal lever with Hi-Lo beam actuation, steering wheel center cap actuates horn. Instrumentation includes: working speedometer, accurate fuel gauge, Hi beam indicator lamp, oil and charging lamp, clock, oil temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, voltmeter, tachometer, a charging port for your cell phone or laptop and an under dash interior lamp.

All in the fuse box! Engine just rebuilt with brand new cylinder heads, brand new pistons, rings and cylinders, crankshaft and camshaft bearings, seals and gaskets, and a new Solex carburetor. I have pictures and receipts to prove it! Stock Dual PortReliable, low maintenance and doesn't leak a drop! New fuel pressure regulator, which is a must and a new Solex Pict 30 carburetor.

Rebuilt transaxle with positive accurate shifts.

turnkey dune buggy

All wiring done correctly, all connections soldered and sealed, and neatly wrapped and secured. There is a good reason why no one shows the underside of an old buggy. All original body brackets are in place, these are a must to maintain body rigidity and safety! Attention to detail! Transaxle completely rebuilt and refurbished, new syncronizers, seals and gaskets.

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Dune Buggy Turn Key Engines

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